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Visiting the Indonesian resort Island of Bali for honeymoon

Visiting the Indonesian resort Island of Bali for honeymoon

Why choose Bali?

The Indonesian resort island has been rated as one of the best tourist destinations for many years consistently. It was just in 2017 that Bali was declared the best place for adventure and also for those who travel for relaxation and a peace of mind.  It is equipped with its white beaches, great trekking places, geographical varieties and options of both land and water adventures for honeymoon couples in Bali.

Choosing the best Bali package out of the rest

It was the beginning of our married journey and after searching for the best honeymoon in Bali packages and comparing it with the other packages; we finally decided to spend our honeymoon in Bali through our travel partner Enroute Trip (www.enroutetrip.com). They are a trusted travel agent who helps you with places to visit in Bali, Bali tours and activities as well as with honeymoon in Bali packages with expert Bali honeymoon advice. The main questions for us were:

  • Where to go to Bali for honeymoon
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  • Best activities in Bali
  • Best month to visit Bali for honeymoon
  • Bali honeymoon ideas

We were delighted to get everything a travel agent should take care of by our travel partner Enroute Trip.

It is very hard to trust someone without researching on our own. So I searched the internet and found some Bali honeymoon destination review from happy couples and found our trip to cover most of the best Bali activities for couples, they had mentioned. Without worrying about any hidden costs or any doubts regarding our journey we were packed and ready for the 3-day tour to Bali.

Bali honeymoon

In picture: We are unable to hide the excitement we had for our Bali visit. 

We finally arrived at the Bali-Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali

On reaching Bali we were welcomed with some light showers which are very common here in this tropical island of Bali. As we headed out we were picked by our arranged hotel partner who took us to our hotel which was on a beachside location in the south of Bali and just 20 minutes drive from the International Airport. We could not have asked for more. I must tell you that the local people here greeted us with happy smiling faces which seemed to be coming out from deep within them, from the heart. We were happy to experience such warm welcome from the people here. They have accepted tourism as a major sector in Bali and so they do their best to keep up the tradition of Bali.

Occupying a beachside location in the south of Bali, Grand Inna Kuta Hotel is reachable in around 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

We arrived in the evening so we decided to enjoy the sunset at Kuta Beach

The beautiful Kuta Beach is located on the western side of the Bali isthmus. It is said to be Bali’s most famous beach with beautiful sea facing resorts to lying down to after sunsets. We started taking a stroll on the beach and we could notice very varied tourist traffic here from all parts of the world. The beach is so clean and well maintained I wished beaches in India were kept this clean.

We relaxed at the nearby Kuta beach facing bar with beautiful ambience and some tropical songs which we had never heard of. It was lovely to spend the evening here for some drinks and after some time the beach illuminated with golden rays of beautiful sunset. I felt blessed at this point of time to watch the sunset with my favourite cocktail in one hand and my beautiful wife’s hand on the other.

Music in Bali beach

In picture: This is how we decided to spend our evening. Music really needs no language. It was perfect here.

honeymoon photoshoot in Bali

In picture: At the Kuta beach trying to capture the perfect scene with a beautiful sunset and a happy couple.

After spending a fair amount of time at the beach bar and having listened to local musicians and even joined them for a few moves we decided to walk the beach to celebrate our marriage to the golden rays of sunset.

 Let me show you what you are missing if you haven’t visited Bali yet. Ignore the bottles and focus on the background.

Bali beach at Night

In picture: Captured this beautiful scene to prove that beauty can really be captured in a frame.

Let me share with you the best of Bali activities and attractions.


bail safari

In picture: You can see us with other tourist waiting for our safari bus for a safari ride.

You could also choose to visit the zoo but we decided the stick to the Bali Safari and Marine Park as animals are at their best when they are not engaged in cages. The animals are more themselves when we can go and see them in their habitats and not zoos. So we decided to visit here and we were told that Bali Safari and Marine Park offers a day full of fun and activities.

The safari came into existence in 2007 as an initiative by Taman Safari Indonesia and the safari and Marine Park cover an area of about 40 hectares of land. They not only have animal species from around Bali and Indonesia but have also exported some animal species from across the continent. The safari is the closest replica of their natural habitat and so we were happy to see the animals healthy as well as natural and happy.

safari assistants Bali

In picture: A healthy young cub being fed milk by the safari assistants.

elephant sanctuary Bali ethical

In picture: local kids in the zoo who knows exactly how to have fun with the elephant. Wonder if the elephant would treat me the same way.

Enjoy the safari best on a safari bus and visit the animals safely and in less time. We watched fascinating elephant that showed us their talents, got close and cuddly with baby orangutans and also viewed some baby sharks at the aquarium for the first time.

In picture: The orang-utan creating nuisance in front of us. They are a joyful and quite intelligent compared to other animals.


In picture: The famous blue lagoon cliff in Bali used by adventurer junkies for the cliff jump.

 If you are an adventure enthusiast and always wanted to cliff jump from a rocky cove with bright blue and clear water, this is the best place for you in Bali.  We had come here to see the beautiful little cove and the beautiful blue water that had been suggested to us by one of our friends who had visited Bali before us. It was part of the tour and I must say this place is worth every single minute of your holiday.

Besides cliff jumping and the beautiful blue water people are seen crowding the viewpoint in the parking lot. Everyone here is compelled to click a perfect picture of the lagoon from the edge of the cliff.


 Just 22 km away from the cliff is the beautiful and secluded beach of Blue Lagoon which is situated in the east of Bali. Its popularity hugely lies in its beauty. It is a hidden paradise with clean beach and clearer water which allows you to see what the water holds inside.

The marine life here is abundant in nature. The coral reefs here are right up to the shore and extend to the coral less canal that takes you to the snorkelling site of the beach. The water can be dangerous sometimes due to the presence of coral reefs and submerged rocks.

We choose a perfect spot to sunbathe on the sun and it was fun. It is easy to find shadows to relax to as the beach is filled with a line of palm trees along the beach. If you get hungry here, you need not panic as this secluded beach provide just a few options for fast foods and some quick cold drinks and snacks.

  • She decided to snorkel, I didn’t

water activities in bali

In picture: My wife getting ready for snorkelling.

Bali activity packages are incomplete without trying snorkelling here. The point is just a few meters away from the beach lay the beautiful point of snorkelling which is famous due to its safe waters as well as the beautiful coral reefs. My wife decided to snorkel together but I convinced her to snorkel alone and to stay back to look after her belongings. She agreed with a slight grin. We arrived at the beach at 10 am. The snorkelling guide briefed her to teach her how to snorkel and after getting ready with all the safety equipment, she was off snorkelling. Her guts inspired me too but I was a little late to change my decision. She was then transferred to another snorkelling point where the marine life and tropical fishes created a beautiful snorkelling point. Tanjung Jepun and Blue Lagoon were the two snorkelling spots and I bet she loved every second of it.

Leaving Bali with a heavy heart and a heart full of memories

We were picked up at our beach hotel and we left for the airport which is just 21 km away from here. This Bali sightseeing tour was one of the best holidays I had ever had. I really appreciate the genuine efforts of our travel partner to make our honeymoon the best it could possibly be. We would like to sincerely thank Enroutetrip for the best times of our married life. (www.enroutetrip.com). The warm taxi driver was explaining every unique thing that we saw from our hotel to the airport. He also suggested us to stop at one place which had two beautiful ancient structures.

“Bali is not just a place; it is an experience you cannot afford to miss”

Bali temple

In picture: Posing in front of the ancient temple with beautiful traditional carvings on the entrance.

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