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10 Traditional Things to Buy in Bali for a Fun and Exciting Experience

10 Traditional Things to Buy in Bali for a Fun and Exciting Experience

Bali, proudly known to be the Island of the Gods is the only surviving particle of a once mighty Hindu empire.  Maybe the Gods did live here once like the nickname suggests as the beaches and the natural wonders in this place is like nowhere else in the entire world. The stunning beaches and the amazing resorts that have been constructed here have made this place a paradise for tourists. You will not feel like returning home if you are in Bali as the very aura of this place is so powerful and magnetic. Here are some of the traditional items to buy in Bali that might fascinate you.

Elevation: 3148m

Capital: Denpasar

Tips to remember while shopping

  • Credit cards are accepted but it is advisable to shop with cash in hand as you will be able to bargain and also because smaller shops may not accept credit cards
  • Always remember to check the quality of the product you are going to buy. If you are in doubt then you can ask the local people and the other travelers
  • Remember that when you are bargaining, try to be friendly. You should bargain hard but do not get angry and irritated. Start low and after that try to meet up with the rate comfortable by you and the shopkeeper.

Traditional items for kids

Traditional items for kids

The vintage designer threads and beads, as well as the custom Bali beach wear specially designed for kids, are the top attractions in Bali. Apart from that, there are many items for both boys as well as girls that will serve as perfect souvenirs to take back home from Bali.

No. Items Places to buy Shop timings
1. Stylish traditional beach and surf wear for kids Coco and Ginger, Dandelion 9 am to 11pm
2. Kopi Luwak coffee and chocolates Kintamani region 9 am to 11pm
3. Souvenir dolls and toys Ubud market, Krisna oleh oleh 8 am to 10 pm everyday
4. Eco friendly hand-bags Smile clothing, Threads of life Smile clothing=9:30to6:30

Threads of life=10am to7pm

5. Traditional Balinese street wear for kids Sukawati market and Ibu Suzy 6am to 10pm everyday


Traditional items for Adults

Traditional items for Adults

You can take home a wide variety of excellent souvenirs and traditional dresses back home from Bali as there are many shops that provide amazing traditional items. You can buy beautiful jewelry as well as top fragrances that are authentically Bali made.


No. Items Places to buy Shop timings
1. Elegant Silver jewelry Studio peak or John Hardy workshop 9am-5pm(Mon-Fri),9am to 4pm(Saturday)


2. Beautiful furniture and home decor Saya Gallery and Kuluk Gallery Saya gallery=9am to 10pm

Kuluk gallery=9am to 6pm

3. Organic  beauty products Utama spice in Gianyar 9 am to 8:30 pm
4. Traditional handicrafts Sukawati and Ubud market 6 am to 6 pm


5. Bali sarong Kuta, Seminayak 9 am to 11pm


The culture and tradition of Bali are deeply reflected in their dresses and ornaments and buying such traditional products from Bali will make you feel like you are a Balinese yourself. Bali is simply a paradise for the tourists as it has something to offer to every kind of traveler. The sandy white beaches and beautiful resorts will pamper you and make you feel like you never want to leave the place. The traditional items found here in Bali is unique and you will not find it any place else on earth. So if you are in Bali do not forget to shop till you drop! Do not forget to share your shopping experience with us.

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