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Top 12 Romantic Places to visit in Nepal for Honeymoon

Top 12 Romantic Places to visit in Nepal for Honeymoon

Nepal at a Glance – it is the heart for the Mountaineers. Yet, it has so many things up in its sleeve for everyone. With breathtaking landscapes, incredibly rich heritage and heartwarming culture, Nepal welcomes its visitors with open arms.

Want to spend some romantic quality time with your partner in the hills? Your romantic date within the Himalayan beauty can’t get better than Nepal. If you and your loved ones are adventure junkies and love trekking, you must book a Nepal Honeymoon Package in the month of October to explore a clear view of the Mt. Everest.

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Getting here:

Nearest Airport: You can land into the Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal from airports in Kolkata & Bagdogra.

Nearest Vehicle Stand: The bordering town of Kakarbhitta is just an hour away from Bagdogra from where you will get hired taxies or cars to reach Nepal.

Nearest Railway Station: There is only one train that connects Nepal to India at the border of Uttar Pradesh, the Janakpur-Jayanagar Train.

The distance from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station to Nepal is 466km

Entry formalities:

Visitors to Nepal must hold valid passports, visas, two passport size photos, and a Photo ID Card (Adhaar Card excluded).

Exit Visa: Tourists will have to present their passports at the point of exit.

There are many honeymoon places to visit in Nepal. We have entailed the information about 12 most romantic places to visit in Nepal for the honeymoon below:

1. Pokhara: It is a recommended paradise for the newly-weds


Pokhara, the city of lakes, is the most popular honeymoon destination in Nepal for couples. With picturesque Himalayan range, lakes, deep valleys, and winding trek paths, Pokhara is recognized as the dreamland for the honeymoon couples. The luxurious accommodation options make this place a heaven for honeymooners.


Elevation: 827m

Best Season– March to May is the best time to explore this place.

Distance from Kathmandu: 203.6 km

Key attractions:Boating in Phewa Lake and Paragliding

2. Kathmandu: It is the major attraction of our romantic Nepal Honeymoon Tour Packages

Kathmandu Honeymoon Tour Packages

Kathmandu is an ideal place for honeymooners.  It is an amazing and charming city that has a lot to offer in terms of picturesque beauty, high mountain ranges, and serene monasteries. Besides, you can also enjoy the lively nightlife and get the chance to taste the world-class famous Nepalese Cuisine in Kathmandu.


Elevation: 1400m

Best Season: September to November is the best time to explore this place.

Key attractions: Serene Monasteries, Historical places enlisted as an world heritages by UNESCO, Casino, Nightclubs, Pubs etc.

3. Bandipur: This place is famous for its ample serenity

Bandipur: This place is famous for its ample serenity

If you want to make your honeymoon memorable with your better half, this is the place that you have been dreaming of. Let your first trip with life partner be in and around the Newari culture at the serene Bandipur in Nepal. This beautiful hill station also offers a spellbinding view of pristine landscapes. Plus you can also explore the amazing view of the peaks of Dhaulagiri and Manaslu.


Elevation: 1030m

Best Season: March to May is the best time to explore this place.

Distance from Kathmandu: 147.5 km

Key attractions: Annapurna Short-Circle Trekking, Jungle Safari, and the Serene Silkworm Farm

4. Nagarkot: It is one of the most popular romantic places for its amazing landscapes


Want the best views of the Himalayan Range from Nepal? Nagarkot is an ideal place for you. This place draws attention to the honeymooners due to scenic backdrop predominated by the world’s highest peak. Being situated at a short distance from Bhaktapur and on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot is an ideal scenic honeymoon destination.


Elevation: 2,195 m

Best Season:October to April is the best time to explore the crystal view of mountains.

Distance from Kathmandu: 32km

Key attractions:  Astonishing sunshine view falling on the peak of Himalaya, and crystal view of Mount Everest.

5. Bardia National Park: The place of jungle book is unique for its wildlife

Bardia National Park

It is the largest and most undisturbed National Park in Nepal. It was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. If you want to add thrill and adventure with a dash of daring attitude in your honeymoon trip, this is an ideal place for you. This park represents Asia’s largest stretches of tiger habitat. You can also explore the rhinoceros, elephants etc in this National Park.


Elevation: 1,441 m

Best Season: Throughout the year except for the monsoon season.

Distance from Kathmandu: 527km

Key attractions: Wildlife Safari, the Elephant Breeding Center, and the Tharu Cultural Museum

6. Daman: It is another stunning destination for a honeymooning couple in Nepal


If you want a break from the crowded lifestyle, this is the perfect place for you. It is a completely fairy-tale like destination, far from the compactness of tourists, for some exclusive affection and bonding. You will also enjoy the warm hospitality of the local Nepalese.


Elevation: 2,332 m

Best Season: February to April is the best time to visit this place.

Distance from Kathmandu: 54.7km

Key attractions: Scenic view from Mount Everest to Mount Dhaulagiri and vibrant rhododendrons

7. Chitwan: It is the perfect spot for those honeymooners, who love the jungle safaris and nature walks


Add some flavor of adventure along with daring elephant jungle safari and go green with your better half in this romantic place in Nepal. You can stay a night at the luxurious resort near the forest and make your honeymoon special with your partner. The tranquil environment around this place will surely create a romantic mood.


Elevation: 415 m

Best Season: February to April is the best time to visit this place.

Distance from Kathmandu: 97.7km

Key attractions: You can explore more than 300 species of birds, rare One Horned Rhinoceros, rare Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant Safari, Bird Watching etc.

8.  Godavari: It is a small but very beautiful hill station for the couples in Nepal


This place offers enchanting mountain views which can be ideally enjoyed by the newly-weds. It also offers you a distinct taste of ancient Newari and hill tribe culture. The surroundings of Godavari fulfill the desire of peaceful love-making.


Elevation: 1524 m

Best Season: Mid February to April is the best time to explore this place.

Distance from Kathmandu: 15.9 km

Key attractions : National Botanical Garden and the mesmerizing hilly tracks

9. Sarangkot: It is another best romantic place in Nepal for honeymooners


This place is also included in our Nepal Honeymoon Package due to its tranquil surroundings. The eye-catching scenery along the range of Sarangkot is a complete pleasure for lovebirds.


Elevation: 1600 m

Best Season: February to April and September to November.

Distance from Kathmandu: 219 km

Key attractions : Picturesque Sunrise & Sunset, and Zip Lining

10. Mustang: It is the place famous for its mythical aura among the honeymoon couple


It is situated at one corner of Nepal, along with the edges of Nepal and Tibet. It is one of the most placid places. The picturesque beauty makes this place one of the best locations to visit in Nepal for the honeymoon.


Elevation: 3800 m

Best Season: February to April and September to November.

Distance from Kathmandu: 203 km

Key attractions : Trekking through Mustang

11. Patan: It is a center of culture and is a spiritual destination for honeymooners


Patan, one of the three royal cities of Nepal, is something to feast your eyes on. This place is famous among tourist for its rich architecture and fantastic wood carvings. If you want to make your honeymoon more colorful, get a glimpse of Buddhist facets.


Elevation: 1317 m

Best Season: All year round

Distance from Kathmandu: 7.1 km via Putalisadak

Key attractions : Golden Temple, Patan Museum, Krishna Mandir, and Darbar Square

12. Janakpur: This place is the perfect mixture of history, culture, and religion


It is believed that this place is the birthplace of Goddess Sita and also the destination where Lord Rama and Goddess Sita married. Janakpur holds religious importance for Hindu devotees.


Elevation: 74 m

Best Season: September to March

Distance from Kathmandu: 224.6 km

Key attractions : Rich in art and Maithili Culture

Frequent questions to be asked:

Q. What are the best resorts to stay in Nepal for the honeymoon?

A. Gokarna Forest Resort, Fish Tali Lodge, and Waterfront Resort are the best resorts in Nepal for honeymoon couples.

Q. What should we wear in Nepal?

A. Light and loose garments are recommended in spring and summer. During winter, woolen garments and jackets are required.

Q. Are there ATM facilities available in Nepal?

A. Yes, International credit cards are accepted in all leading hotels, shopping centers, bars and restaurants in Nepal.

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