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Beautiful and enchanting places to visit in Johannesburg South Africa

places to visit in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is nicknamed ‘Egoli’ which means the ‘city of gold’ it is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa and also known to be the economic hub. It is often said to be the largest man-made urban forest as there are about 6 million trees which adds to the scenic beauty of the city. The city has so much to offer as there are so many amazing and best things to do in South Africa especially in Johannesburg  that will absolutely  thrill you. The city is quite unique as you will be able to see motorists buying things from vendors selling goods in front of traffic lights. The blend of the African and European languages makes the city unique and diversified. Here are some of the most enchanting places in Johanessburg that you should visit for an incredible experience.


Ethnic composition=75percent black 25percent white and 5percent mixed

Average temperature: 15.5degree Celsius

Elevation: 5700-5900ft

Monetary units: the Rand.

1.  The Historical Apartheid museum

The Historical Apartheid museum

The museum contains artifacts, footages, and clips of the racial segregation of the black people and the oppression they faced due to their skin color. The museum has all the records right from the oppression period to the birth of the democracy.

Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Established date: 2001

Main attractions: artifacts, video footages that shed light on the racial discrimination of the black people.

Location: Cnr Northern Parkway & Gold Reef Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg

2. The fun and amusing Gold Reef City

The fun and amusing Gold Reef City

It is an amusement park located on a gold mine which closed down on the year 1971. You can enjoy a variety of rides here. The amazing thing here is that you can learn about real life mining disasters.

Main attractions: water rides, roller coasters, and the Gold reef casino

Location: Shaft 14, Northern Parkway, Johannesburg

3. The culturally interesting Lesedi Cultural Village

The culturally interesting Lesedi Cultural Village

You can get a glimpse of many different South African tribes and their cultures. You can sleep in traditionally decorated huts and try out the famous African cuisines made by the locals. If you want information regarding the South Africa Sightseeing Tours then contact Enroute Trip as they will provide you with the answer to your queries.

Main attractions: demonstration of dances by various African tribes such as Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi

Location: Hartbeespoort Dam, Johannesburg

4. Wildlife conservation zone-Lion Park

wildlife conservation zone-Lion Park

The park is dedicated to the protection of the Transvaal lions. There are about 80 lions living in the park along with other carnivores. If you are with your family then you should definitely take the trip. You should definitely visit this place as it is the best South Africa sightseeing place.

Main attractions: rare white lions, black-backed jackals, and antelopes.

Location: R512 Pelindaba Rd, Hartbeespoort, Johannesburg

5. The Living museum-Lindfield Victorian House Museum

Lindfield Victorian House Museum

It is one of the most beautiful museums and also a Provincial Heritage Site. For all the lovers of the Victorian era, this is a perfect place to witness the beauty of the Age. The current owner Katherine Love dresses in Victorian clothing and greets the visitors and gives them a tour of the place. You will feel like you are living in the Victorian Age. It is one of the most beautiful South Africa sightseeing places

Main attractions: Victorian-era architecture.

Location: 72 Richmond Ave, Auckland Park, Johannesburg

6.For the art enthusiasts-Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johannesburg Art Gallery

The art gallery contains about 9000 artworks and is known to be one of the biggest collections of art galleries in Africa. The sculpture work is displayed in the courtyard of the gallery. It is one of the best South Africa sightseeing places.

Main Attractions: artifacts, drawings, textiles and paintings from South African as well as European Artists

Location: Cnr Klein and King George Streets, Joubert Park, Johannesburg.

7. The Garden of 10,000 roses-Johannesburg Botanical Garden

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

It is known locally as ‘Rose Garden’ as the garden is said to have grown out of a Rose Garden. The garden is maintained and administered by the Johannesburg City Parks.

Opening Hours: 6 am to 6 pm

Main Attractions: The 10,000 variety of roses

Location: Olifants Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa

8. The Politically Significant-Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg

It is a former prison that provides details on the history regarding the South African History. It is said that Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned here. It is one of the most important South Africa sightseeing attractions

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Main Attractions: you can explore the exhibits of the Number 4 museum, Women’s Gaol Museum, Old Fort Museum

Location: 11 Kotze St, Johannesburg, 2017, South Africa


Johannesburg is a unique and a beautiful city filled with greenery. The city has something to offer to every kind of traveler be it a nature lover or a backpacker. The beauties of this place definitely something to reckon.

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