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List of car rental companies in South Africa


If you are travelling to South Africa for a business purpose or even a holiday you will require a transport facility that will take you to your desired place of visit. Car rental services have very much gained popularity as because they will help you reach your desired destination with ease and comfort. The car rental services are located just outside the airport. The cost of car rent is reasonable some of the renowned companies like Agis provide discounts as well as cheap car rental rates in South Africa and its major hubs.  They are mostly available 24 hours and they provide the customers with a variety of cars such as small hatchback,sedan or even luxury cars depending on their choice and their budget. So here is the list of popular car rental companies in South Africa:

1. Drive South Africa:

It was founded in 2002 as a car hire operator in cape town now it is one of the most reputed and leading car rental companies in South Africa.The bylaws and local customs may be a little difficult for the tourists to comprehend therefore the company boasts of having put forward numerous features highlighting the laws and customs.the price rates are reasonable therefore it is safe to conclude that this rental service does fall under the category of the top budget car rental in South Africa.

Value-added services: They also provide very useful tips and info on the driving practices followed in South African countries rather than providing the standardized on-road booklet.

Adress: Tyger valley chamber one 27 Wille van Schoor Avenue Bellville Capetown 7530 South Africa

Email Id: info@drivesouthafrica.co.za

Phone no: 0878067330

2. Hertz Pretoria Hatfield:

It is definitely one of the most respectable car rental company in South Africa it has over 43 branches located in all the major hubs. It provides all sorts of hatchbacks, luxury cars SUV’s,carrier,4 by 4. It is basically one of the most reputed and respectable car rental companies in South Africa

Value-added services and benefits:

The customers get an added benefit of complimentary wifi at the important airport locations and.they provide promising car rental deals in South Africa through their thirty30plus programme customers who have been renting cars for over 30days period will get rewarding discounts

Address: 1017 church street Hatfield Pretoria 0083, South Africa

Phone no: 27219482522

3. First car rental Bellville:

It has been operating for about 18 years. Having more than 7500 vehicles in and across South Africa it has 51 car rental branches located in airports business places and also in major tourist destinations. They are known to provide some of the best car rental deals in South Africa. first car rental claims partnership with SIXT Rent a Car, which is said to be top European car rental company.

Value-added services:

they provide long-term car rental facilities as well as wedding car hire. They are also known for their top range luxury cars.

Address: 200 Durban road Oklade, Capetown,7530 South Africa

Phone no: 27219482522

4. Enroute Trip:

Their main aim is to awe their customers with their appealing hospitality and their attractive tour packages. It is an Indian tour operating company which specializes in providing affordable packages and guaranteed customer satisfaction.They cater to the needs and demands of the customers in the field of tourism as well as hospitality. They provide transport as well as accommodation and even car rental facilities are available and included under their tour package.

Address: Champasari more near Satyajit ray market,Champasari,Silliguri west Bengal India 734003

Phone no: +91747900253

5. Avis rent a car:

It is one of the most reputed and famous car rental company in South Africa. many customers have given good reviews and positive feedback, therefore, we can humbly say that it is the best car rental in South Africa. its headquarters are in new jersey U.S.A.  It was also one of the first car rental business to be located in an airport. it provides reasonable car rental rates in South Africa. it has almost 98 car rental locations in South Africa. Avis won the car rental award for the best car rental company in 2014.

Value-added services:

The company provides child safety seat and the option of a driver if u don’t want to drive yourself.

Phone no: 0800 001 669 ,+27 11 387 8432

Email Id: reservations@avis.co.za

6. Around About Cars-Car Hire Cape Town:

It provides a wide variety of rental cars suited to the customer’s needs and satisfaction such as camper vans,4 by 4, compact cars, motorhomes etc. it operates primarily in cape town. The company strives to meet the demands of the customers providing them with incredible rates for car rentals in Cape Town

Value-added services:

They provide a special discount on accommodation on booking with Around About Cars they provide fully inclusive rates with negative hidden costs.

Adress: 20 Bloem Street 8001 cape town South Africa

Email id: info@aroundaboutcars.com

Phone no: +27214224022.

7. Drive Africa:

They are very much famous and known for their buyback service international. They have up to 60 guaranteed buy back vehicles from offroad to hatchback vehicles. It is one of the most successful car rental company in South Africa till date. Their main mission is to provide the right car to the customer depending on his means of travel as because some are backpackers who have come looking for adventuresome of them visit South Africa with their families. Therefore they very much look forward towards providing cars which suit the purpose of the customers. They strive to achieve 100 percent satisfaction from the customers and make their stay pleasant and memorable.

Value-added service: They have excellent buyback service internationally.

Address: camps bay cape town 8040, western cape, South Africa

Email Id: myrental@driveafrica.co.za

Phone no:+27214471144.

There are several car rental services in South Africa but not all of them live up to the satisfaction of the customers. There are always son fraud companies that exploit the customers nevertheless there are some highly reputed rental agencies such as Avis and Hertz but at the end, it all depends on the rates and the choice of the customers. All the car rental companies mentioned above provide attractive offers and discounts which help attract customers.

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