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Food Of Bhutan – 10 Famous Dishes to add spiciness to your trip to Bhutan

Bhutan is a country of tradition and culture that spellbound every visitor. It is bliss to blow away one’s mind with its tranquil monasteries, non-polluted ambiance and peaceful serenity. However, even after so many mystical things, you cannot return back to your homeland without ticking your taste with the flavored cuisines of Bhutan. The aroma of the curries mainly with red hot chilies with a blend of spices will definitely let your Bhutan honeymoon tour make it more exciting and mouth-filling.

10 famous dishes to try while in Bhutan

There are many dishes to make your stomach fill while in Bhutan but the below are the most famous cuisines of Bhutanese people that will make your Bhutan tour a must one.

1-Ema Datshi:

Ema Datshi is a popular dish and happens to be the national dish of Bhutan. It is the most favorite food and is loved by every Bhutanese people. It is made especially with chilies and local cheese but it also has a variety of other spices and vegetables like ferns, potatoes, green beans, mushrooms and plenty of butter to balance its taste. It is served with red rice.


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The popularity of the Goep dish has declined in other Asian countries but in Bhutan, it is still very popular. It is a dish which has a chewy texture that is prepared with the lining of the stomach of an animal that is sliced into small strips by adding vegetables, dried chilies, onions, and other spices depending on the taste.


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It is not possible to ignore the momo dumplings that make a perfect snack every time and everywhere and unlike other states, it is known as Hoentay in Bhutan. These dumplings are stuffed with meat and filled with a combination of turnip, spinach, cheese, soyabeans, and served with a Bhutanese chili sauce called ezay to make it look more delicious.

4-Jasha Maroo:

Jasha Maroo
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It is one of the famous dishes in Bhutan which is prepared with chicken. In this dish, chicken is boiled and cooked with fresh ingredients like onion, chilies, ginger, garlic, tomato, and coriander leaves. This dish can be served as a curry as well as can also be served with red rice.

5-Phaksha Paa:

Phaksha Paa
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It is another famous dish which is best made with pork as other than yak and beef, pork too occupies a small part of a heart in the Bhutanese people. For eating this dish, slices of pork are deeply fried to serve with Hoentoe. Phaksha Paa in best served with red rice and is a mount-watering dish of Bhutan.

6-Goen Hogay:

goen hogay
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This is a cucumber salad which has a traditional Bhutanese taste to it. You can make it spicy or sour by adding tomatoes, onions, chili flakes, pepper, and cucumber. You can add cheese or little olive oil for taste. This vegetarian dish can be served at the side with every Bhutanese spicy meal.


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This dish can be prepared and can be eaten in Bhutan throughout the year due to less growth of vegetables during the winter season. It is a vegetable dish that is made from turnip leaves and mixed with mustard oil by adding the famous spicy chili into it. It becomes tastier when it is mixed with some Bhutanese dishes.


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Puta is the Bhutanese noodle that is made from buckwheat and is found everywhere in Bhutan. In whichever restaurant you enter, you will find Puta in their list. Similar to the normal noodles, it is boiled and fried with mustard oil adding pinches of Sichuan pepper and salt to taste. It is a must try dish when in Bhutan.


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When you visit any restaurant in Bhutan you will find serving Khur-le. It is a Bhutanese pancake which is made in a simple and healthy way with buckwheat. It is the best snack in Bhutan for its spongy texture and delicious filling. This pancake blends well with few side dishes to make it fulsome to eat.


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It is a perfect way to exercise your mouth, tongue, and jaws as Chogo requires biting and chewing. It is commonly called as chhurpi and is also found in Nepal, Tibet, and many other Himalayan places. They are made of the cheese of yak and looks like a rock in shape. It consumes a lot of energy and time but it gives a tasty milky flavor at the end.

Finger-licking Bhutan food tour

These are just some of the famous dishes in Bhutan that are savored by locals and travelers. After reading this, it might definitely make your stomach start growling, so, do not wait for it and quickly make your plans to visit Bhutan. You can simply choose a destination and leave all the worries of letting us plan the best Bhutan honeymoon packages by offering the best Bhutan food tour to make a fun-filled holiday.

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