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4 Fun Underwater Adventure Activities in Bali

4 Fun Underwater Adventure Activities in Bali

After travelling to South East Asia if you ever wish to see the hidden wonders of your Asian destinations, then Bali tours and activities may be able to catch your attention. It is a must visit for every enthusiast. The Indonesian Island of Bali has to offer a lot of surprises like its beautiful beaches, scenery and pleasant coastal weather as well as a welcoming cultural experience from very warm-hearted people who like visitors coming to see their country. In Bali on the ground and on water activities are really famous and are something everyone does once in their life but there is also a secret underwater world hiding a lot of mysteries to be unfolded.

1. Sea Walking

Sea Walking

It is a marine walk or a recreational diving activity which is sometimes known as Ocean walk or Sea walk depending on where it is done. While most of the diver uses scuba diving equipment, the sea walker activity is a simple activity which requires no professional knowledge and also popular Bali activities for couples as it is suitable for non-swimmers too. The equipment needed for the sea walking or ocean walking are a professional helmet and a ladder to help you go into the seabed using it.

There are two places in Bali where you can experience the sea walker tour:

  • Sanur Seawalker at Sanur.
  • Tanjung Benoa seawalker at Tanjung.

The process for a sea walk :

  • Firstly you are taken to the sea walking spot with the help of a boat
  • Professional on the boat will help you with the equipment.
  • The professional diver escorts you to the seafloor through a ladder.
  • The helmet is heavy but these are specially designed to let you breathe as well as talk.
  • Enjoy the sea walk and the professional shall just be around you to save you from any trouble.
  • The sea walking last for around 25 – 30 minutes.

Price (per person): IDR 760.000(INR 3500)  – IDR 830.000(INR 3800)

2. Snorkelling – experiencing the marine beauty of Bali


Bali, as well as Indonesia, is declared by scientists as part of the most biodiverse hotspot meaning their marine life is filled with beauty, colour and surprises. This is the reason why underwater activities are so popular around Bali. Snorkelling is just underwater diving which doesn’t require you to be a professional diver or swimmer. Even kids can be a part of snorkelling in Bali but the only thing you have to make sure is that you must be comfortable staying inside water for quite some time until you are done checking out the varied and colourful coral reefs of Bali, Indonesia. You can be provided with life jackets for your safety options.

The Bali activities and attractions as well other Bali activity packages have ranked few snorkelling sites which are nothing less a mix of artificial and natural beautiful snorkelling sites

  • Tulamben – Wreck site of USAT Liberty warship that had reached Bali but traversed while crossing the Lombok strait during WWII. It leaked in a lot of water inside the ship which eventually became the reason for its submerge and after so many years after the wreck, the sea wreck has been a wonderful site of snorkelling providing a rich history and a colourful coral garden to add to its beauty.


  • Nusa Islands – Located off the rugged coast of Nusa Penida lies manta point which is another popular snorkelling point due to the huge manta rays are regularly sighted. These gentle who are also friendly are the main attraction to the snorkelers here. The Mantas when in good mood come up from their depth and come near the surface towards the coral reefs which have a populated cleaning fish residing there. The Mantan ray likes its skin to be plucked and cleaned by the cleaning fishes and to give a signal of approval, it shall be seen encircling the fishes.


  • Menjangan– One of the most beautiful diving site of Bali with pristine dive destination. It has an uncrowded variety of coral reefs here the best place being Pos Dua which approx visibility of amazing 40 metres and even more sometimes.

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Among all underwater Bali activities as well as other best activities in Bali, Scuba diving is a much much serious adventure which requires some seriousness and professional knowledge. It is a more serious version of snorkelling with must knowledge of diving and open diving lessons of at least 3, 4 days are just before you actually try scuba diving. The snorkelling is limited but scuba provides a 360-degree view and freedom for the divers to explore the seabed and other marine activities very carefully with more amount of oxygen on their back. People, who want to scuba dive but are confused about the eligibility, just take up basic training from the local instructors for 3, 4 days and there you are ready to dive into most of the reefs in Bali except the ones with strong currents.

Price for Scuba diving (Including equipment on hire basis) : INR 15000 – 30000

4. Underwater scooter Bali-

Underwater scooter Bali

One of the most thrilling and exciting underwater activity has been riding an underwater scooter in Bali. This adventure is slowly gaining international popularity. The underwater scooter is an improvised underwater locomotive which floats and comes in two sizes. A single seater and a double seater. The whole trip lasts for around 25 minutes. The scooter which can carry two people a time is equipped with a helmet which is regularly fused with oxygen and the glass covering the helmet makes visibility easier.

The beauty of the Bali and the scooter dive exploring the Indian Ocean and its beauty is worth trying once in a lifetime.

Underwater scooter Bali price

The prices have to check under the respective Underwater Scooter providers and prices have to be fixed and negotiated. Just to give you a rough idea of the tour package and price, we tried to book a week later ( o clock Scooter ride for Two Adults and the price which was quoted to be the lowest among other online partners was around INR 8500.

Price may not be equivalent to this one time experience but travellers have a budget to maintain. So informing about the price early before their trip can prove beneficial to their financial calculations and arrangement.


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