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20 places to visit in South Africa for a sweet and memorable honeymoon

South Africa is also known as the ‘rainbow nation’ mainly due to the fact that there are so many culturally diverse people living here. The spectacular beaches, mesmerizing scenery and world-class cafe and restaurants make South Africa one of the most beautiful places in the world.

1. Franschhoek, Cape Town:


Franschhoek is definitely the place to visit under South African honeymoon tour packages. It is a beautiful place set in the Winelands which reminds us of French Provincial Life. It is a lovely and peaceful town perfectly suited for lovers.

Nearest Hotel: the garden house, La residence

Best time to visit: September to Mid November

2. Queenstown, Eastern Cape:


It is famous for its pleasant weather and red roses. the forest and the wild storms add to the scenic beauty add to the beauty of this place hence it is definitely an ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Nearest Hotel: Roach House.

Best time of visit: May-August.

3. Johannesburg, Gauteng:

Johannesburg, Gauteng

You can go for romantic dinners in Carmical city. Johannesburg is the best place to try out the authentic African cuisine. It is definitely the most beautiful and exotic place for an ideal honeymoon in South Africa. This is definitely the place to be for a honeymoon or even celebrate your anniversary in anniversary packages, South Africa.

Nearest Hotel: Monarch Hotel, Winston Hotel.

Best time to visit: August-October

 4. Garden Route, Western Cape:

Garden Route, Western Cape

It is a charming place filled with beautiful forest and wild storms. It is definitely a place to be for your honeymoon trip in South Africa. Do take a walk at Rubbery natural reserve and also do not forget to visit the Congo caves.

Nearest hotel: The Plettenberg Hotel, Villa paradise.

Best time of visit: May to August.

5. The elephant coast, KwaZulu Natal:

The elephant coast

The fresh air and the beautiful scenery, as well as a variety of seafood, make this place unique and beautiful. If you want reservations to this place for your anniversary then you can always avail the assistance of anniversary packages South Africa through Eurotrip

Nearest hotel: Beach Comb Stay,305 Guest House

6. Free State or also known as the heart of South Africa:

Free State

The place is famous for its snow-capped peaks, clear streams and the lush green hills. You and your spouse can go for horse riding during sunset here. If you are low on the budget do not think of coming here. You can check out other places to visit as well search the internet for budget honeymoon packages South Africa through Enroute Trip.

Nearest hotel: black mountain leisure, Castle in Clarens

Best time to visit: March to July.

7. Limpopo located on the North Coast:


For all those adventure couples this is the best place to be in your honeymoon.this place provides you the opportunity to go for a wildlife safari in Kruger National Park.

Nearest hotel: Fairview hotel and village

Best time to visit: October-March.

8. The Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape:

The Coffee Bay

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa. You can go for horse riding, surfing, and hiking. The beach is not overcrowded so couples can have a quiet and peaceful time here.

Location: Wild Coast

Nearby Attractions: whale watching and Hole in the wall.

9. Swaziland:


The place is famous for its beautiful sunset evenings and hiking paths. This is probably the best honeymoon place in South Africa.

Nearest Hotels: Royal Swazi Spa and Mountain Inn

Best Time to visit: April to December.

10. Hazyview  Mpumalanga:

Hazyview  Mpumalanga

This place is for adventure couples as it provides river rafting, tubing, and cable trailing. You can also go for hot air balloon ride and watch the gorgeous sunrise. If this place is costly for you then do avail the assistance of Eurotrip as it provides cheap honeymoon packages in South Africa.

Nearest hotel: The Protea Hazyview.

Best time to Visit: February to May.

11. Stellenbosch, Western Cape:


It is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. The town is filled with awesome restaurants and cafes

Nearest hotel: Coopanhuijis Boutique Hotels and Spas

Best time to visit: November to Mid-February.

12. Quiet Mountain Country house, Heckpoort valley, Magaliesberg:

Quiet Mountain Country house

If you love organic food this is the best place to be for your honeymoon. The food here is made from organic dairy products and the service is also excellent here.

Best time to visit: February to May

13. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront:

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

This is the best place for shopaholic couples as you will find almost anything here. The place is also filled with beautiful restaurants and bars. It is definitely a beautiful place to hang out and watch the sunset, especially for couples.

Accommodation: the Table Bay Hotel, Victoria and Alfred Hotel

Best time to visit: July to November.

14. The Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa:

The Castle of Good Hope

This is definitely a place worth visiting for couples who are interested in knowing about the history of Cape Town. This place is filled with historic buildings and the view of the castle is mesmerizing.

Nearest hotel: The Bay Hotel.

Best time to visit: November to March.

15. Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa:

Cradle of Humankind

For couples who are interested in Archeology, this place is definitely worth visiting. It is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. Known to be the richest hominine site it contains about 40percent of the world’s human ancestor fossils.

Nearest Hotel: Cradle Boutique Hotel.

16. Gold Reef City, Johannesburg:

Gold Reef City

It is basically an entertainment complex with a theme park and casino. Young couples can have loads of fun here.

Nearest hotel: Villa Moshay.

Best time to visit: it is open 24 hours.

17. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Capetown:

 Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

It is one of the largest botanical gardens in South Africa perfectly suited for couples. You can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can also visit this place for a picnic party.

Nearest Hotel: The Andros Boutique Hotel.

Best time to visit: August to November.

18. Tergneit, Western Cape:


For all the beach-loving couples this is the best place to be. It is a calm and peaceful place in the village of Tergneit.

Nearest Hotel: C The View Guest House, llita lodge

Best time to visit: June to November.

19. Nature’s Valley, Eastern Cape:

Nature’s Valley

It is known for its beautiful sunset as it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on one side and the peaceful and calm Groot Lagoon on the other. It is definitely a serene place for honeymoon couples. If you are looking for a budget trip to Nature’s valley they do avail the services of Enroute trip as they provide cheap honeymoon packages in South Africa.

Nearest Hotel: Kurland Hotel.

Best time to visit: September to October.

20. The Golden Mile, Durban:

The Golden Mile

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. It is basically a stretch of beachfront which runs roughly from the ushaka Beach to Suncoast casino and entertainment world in the north. It is a surfer’s paradise and it has been an ideal holiday destination and a retreat for couples for many years.

Accommodation: Gooderson  Tropicana Hotel.

Best time of visit: June to August.

You will definitely have a blissful honeymoon experience if you visit the above-mentioned places in South Africa. You might also be tempted to visit this place again as this place will always leave you wanting for more.


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