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15 Best things to do in South Africa before you stop traveling

Profusely endowed with the diverse landscapes, natural wonders, flora, and faunas South Africa will leave the wanderlust travelers spoilt for choice. The second largest continent is the adventure capital of the world with a wide array of South Africa sightseeing attractions and the most beautiful coastlines of about 3,000 km, ideal for sun worshippers. It has semi-deserts that turn into a riot of colors during the spring making your South Africa sightseeing surreal.  Be it wildlife excursion or city sightseeing in South Africa, you will never discover the identical charm and elements as you do in South Africa sightseeing tours. To find out more about this exotic country, here is the list of top things to do in South Africa.

1. Explore St Lucia’s Estuary- South Africa’s oldest World Heritage Site:


St. Lucia’s Estuary is South Africa’s first World Heritage Site.  It is an abode to 1200 Nile crocodiles, 800 hippopotami, and other wildlife including leopards, greater kudus, black rhinos, and countless invertebrates. This stunning region offers exciting activities like kayaking in the estuary; self-guided drive, sightseeing, horse riding around the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, hiking around iGalagwala Trail to spot a diverse variety of birds. It is an ideal and well-known family campsite ideal for children as well.

2.  Get mesmerized at Blyde River Canyon- the God’s Window:

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is the 3rd largest and one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. Appropriately named as God’s Window, the view from above features luxuriant vegetations and stunning waterfalls that will leave you mesmerized. The Mpumalanga Nature Reserve located near to the Kruger National Reserve offers a plethora of activities like abseiling, biking, fishing, boat trips, white water rafting, etc, to enjoy to the fullest, devote a day, or halt in a private lodge.

3. Witness the Palace of the lost city- representing luxury:


Its entrance comprises of engrossing mosaic frescos, stunning layouts equipped with furniture =and its magnificent towers are adorned with elephant tusks. The Palace is one of the best-rated hotels in the world and was inspired by the lost African tribe fantasy. From this Palace, you can avail yourself for golfing, casinos, safaris, excellent accommodations, and the finest restaurants. The Sun City Valley of Waves water park has the provision of adventure and luxury amenities for all age groups.

4. Explore Maropeng- the relics of ancestors and Stone Age:


Located at a distance of an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, the Maropeng Exhibition in the Tumulus Building inside the Cradle of Humankind Heritage Site is one of the eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa. The vast 47,000-hectare complex has answered and revealed countless questions regarding the ancestor, and exhibits vivid and thought provoking illustrations including original fossils, engraved rocks, and stone tools.  Technology indicates that they existed since 1million years ago from the Stone Age. Grab this unmissable, fascinating, and enlightening experience with your family.

5. Discover more of Zulu tribes at Valley of a Thousand Hills:


Sprawling across the green hills encircling West Durban, Umgeni River, and its tributaries, the valley is unquestionably one of KwaZulu-Natal’s spectacular rural settings and major South Africa sightseeing attractions.  The region offers a plethora of knowledge about the aboriginal Zulus and their culture amid the stunningly tranquil region. You can indulge in numerous activities like boating and fishing in Shongweni Dam and Inanda Dam, and for more adventure, indulge in microlight flights.

6. Pay homage to Voortrekker pioneers at Voortrekker Monument:


Located at Pretoria that capital of South Africa, Voortrekker Monument was established to pay respect to the Voortrekker Pioneers for their quest from 1835-1854 from Cape into South Africa.  It is one of the most popular heritage site located in a stunning nature reserve in the Tshwane region.  The museum offers a thorough insight into the tough journey of Voortrekkers and their survival.

7. Get a closer glimpse of the king of the Jungle at Lion Park:


Focusing on the preserving, understanding, and well being of the various endangered species, this sanctuary is the abode to exotic and the rarest wildlife including cheetahs, white lions, wild dogs, etc. This is one of the major South Africa sightseeing places that offers a wonderful opportunity for your little ones to have a closer look at the giraffes, zebras, lions, antelopes, etc and learn about them, and as well as other African wildlife species.

8. Get spellbound by Namaqualand Flower Route:


Located at a distance of 5 hours north of Cape Town, the Namaqualand is notorious for its riot of colors and heavenly charm every spring that is from July to October.  During these months the semi-desert plains of Namaqualand transforms into an ocean of colors with more than 4, 000 species of flowers blooming to life in their utmost beauty.   You can devote a day or more in this region enjoying the aesthetic charm, indulging in cycling, driving, hiking, picnicking, etc.

9. Explore the Big Hole- the largest diamond yielding region of Kimberley:


Appropriately termed, the Big Hole is a major South Africa sightseeing region and the largest hand-dug excavation site in the world. The 800 meters mine yielded 2.7 tons of diamonds in its time. This diamond mine is now an extensive water crater, it was closed in 1914.  The Eureka, the first recorded South African diamond is in the very informative museum for the display. You can experience a diamond mining experience and try your luck by sifting through some diamond bearing gravel.

10. Watch the largest bird in the world at Oudsthoorn, Ostrich Farm:


Aptly regarded as the ostrich industry, a visit to Oudsthoorn, Ostrich Farm will render every detail about Ostrich breeding and the various methods of producing, marketing, and fashioning of the orchid products. For example, the ostrich eggshells are used for manufacturing decorative items, skin is used in making shoes and handbags. Ostrich meat is very popular and full of protein. If you are traveling with kids, they can sit on ostrich and hold an egg of an ostrich.

11. Indulge in the adventure at Bloukrans Bungee:


Bloukrans Bridge is the highest arched road bridge in the African continent. Standing tall at an elevation of 708 feet above the base of the gorge, it is part of one of only 3 highways in the world to have a bridge more than 500 feet. If you love adventure, ride in Flying Fox cable slide across the gorge, or if you want more, indulge in bungee jumping. Those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground may saunter to the top of the arch along the catwalk.

12. Find your peace underneath the shelter of “The Big Tree” at Tsitsikamma:


The Big Tree at Tsitsikamma is something unmissable for the nature lovers. This magnificent and massive tree stands 36.6 meters tall, with a trunk circumference of 9 meters is estimated to be between 600 – 800 years old. It can be reached by a very refreshing and peaceful walk through the enchanting, cool, and luxuriant forest leads you to the “Big Tree”.  For those who are more adventurous in the group, you hike across any one of the two hiking trails, which are 2.6 km long and 4.2 km long.

13. Witness the evolution of cars at Franschhoek Motor Museum:


Housing an outstanding collection of vehicles, Franschhoek Motor Museum is an ideal place for the ones who are fond of vintage and modern cars. It displays a huge array of automobiles ranging from bicycles, motorcycles, and mesmerizing memorabilia belonging from Beeston motor tricycle (1898) to Enzo Ferrari supercar (2003). The Museum features the evolution of the motor vehicles, and is treasure chest to wide range of vintage, veteran, antiques, post-vintage, post 45, and post 60 vehicles kept in four de-humidified halls and displayed in chronological order.

14. Climb the famous and outstanding Table Mountain:


Snuggled at an elevation of 3560 feet, Table Mountain is one of the most identifiable natural icons with its peculiar flat surface. Notorious amongst both locals and travelers from outside, Table Mountain offers the alternative of either a day’s hike or a five minutes cable car ride to the top. You will enjoy the stunning views while riding above as the cable car has rotating floors and large windows. From the top, you can enjoy the marvelous views below, making your effort worth the climb.

15.  Explore the Penguin colony- Boulders Beach:


Located near Simmons Town in False Bay, Boulders Beach is famed for its clean pristine sand beach and its exotic penguin colony.  It is an ideal place for sightseeing and sauntering around the beach getting a close look at penguins (careful enough not to provoke them as they might bite). Besides, you can also catch a glimpse of other birds and mammals and more than that you can see whales and dolphins swimming offshore.

Plan your trip and get your holiday customized with the best travel agents and discover more of astonishing South Africa.


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