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12 Major Offbeat travel places in Nepal that will blow your mind

12 Major Offbeat travel places in Nepal that will blow your mind

Nepal, the charming little home for the world’s loftiest and stunning trekking regions like Everest-Annapurna Base Camp, Mustang, Langtang, etc can be ventured with Nepal sightseeing package. The country has a reputation for being the cheapest travel destination in the world and for luring the explorers from across the globe.  Nepal hosts travelers who are on a quest for adventure, sightseeing, pilgrimage, and those that are intrigued by the culture and in search of peace. Nepal is a perfect place to get the experience of adrenaline rushing, cultural haven, spiritual awakening and overall, a life-changing experience depending on the itineraries, Nepal tour package, and the preferences of a traveler.

As Sightseeing tour in Nepal is concerned, visitors will get countless options. Not only that, the adventure activities in Nepal knows no bound and the soul in distress can discover peace and bliss. So, here are the major sightseeing places in Nepal that should be included in your Nepal tour itinerary.

1. Mustang- The hidden domain of Cultures with nature’s appeal-

Mustang Nepal

Do you know that the kingdom of Lo was an independent kingdom within Nepal until 2008? When entire Nepal became independent in 2008, Lo became Mustang District. As it was on a major trade route between India and China, it was a strategically crucial region for a long time. Mustang region was prohibited accessibility to foreign visitors until 1992. Today it is opened to them with an expensive permit of US$500 for 10 days.  Mustang is the treasure chest of the Tibetan cultures with extensively barren landscapes with the rain shadow of the stunning Himalayas.

2. Thamel-A thriving and gaiety city that caters to every budget-

Thamel in nepal

Are you visiting Kathmandu Nepal for the first time? If you’re clueless about where to start with and things to do in Kathmandu, then think no more! Instead, go to Thamel. Your quest for sightseeing in Nepal Kathmandu is incomplete without stepping in at Thamel. The city is famous as the beating heart and soul of Kathmandu. Venture in the Kathmandu’s vicinity- Thamel; watch the city bustling with travel fanatics, backpackers, adventurers, etc.  It’s the hub where travelers and the locals intermingle with one another. Thamel is a perfect place that caters even the lowest budget to the luxurious one.  While walking through streets you will find shops selling souvenirs, every kind of accessories, clothes, and goods required for trekking adventures in Nepal. Besides, you will find hotels at the cheapest price to the highest, the restaurants both cheap and expensive, tattoo parlors, and every kind of shops that will own your gaze and remains open from dusk till dawn.

3. Ilam- Tranquil ambiance, tea gardens, treks, sightseeing, and gentle slopes-

Ilam in Nepal

Ilam is a mesmerizing district dwelled in eastern Nepal. It is famous for its luxuriant tea gardens, stunning landscapes, and fresh mountain air. Located just an hour’s Northward drive from Charali on the East-West Highway, one reaches Kanyam that offers jaw-dropping landscape backdrops and a beautiful weather throughout the year. Another major attraction is a bunch of eateries at nearby Harkatte that serves delicious, tongue-tingling delicacies. Ilam is a hilly region, only a few regions are Terai regions. Thus, don’t get surprised if the weather compels you to put on your jacket on a summer noon.  The region is endowed with the fertile soil, green hills, and the pleasant weather ideal place for the farmers to thrive and thus the region has become a prosperous one. Ilam Tea is traded to foreign countries. The simple lifestyle of people is vividly depicted on the houses, which are unique and appealing in style.

 4. Bandipur- Love the ambiance like one in Middle-Ages-

Bandipur Offbeat travel places in Nepal

Ever felt museum come alive? If not, then visit Bandipur.  One of the Charming towns in Nepal depicts Newari culture, a beautifully conserved village crowning a tall ridge where the main street features a row of traditional houses. Venture into the realm that has implied lots of efforts to preserve the magic while developing this town as a tourist destination. At Bandipur, you will feel like the time has stopped there. Abandoned, untended buildings have been reconstructed and turned into cafes and hotels, and temples and civic buildings have been restored from the depth of ruin. With its fascinating 18th century architecture, outdoor dining and pedestrian zone, it holds a vivid European charm. Bandipur is a significant stop on Indo-Tibetan trade route for centuries until it was bypassed in the 1960s by Prithvi Hwy.  Since then it has turned to the tourism-oriented destination, becoming a pretty much a thriving community bustling with farmers and traders going about their business. Visit to experience the unique ambiance.

5. Chitwan National Park- Spot the rare Himalayan wildlife-

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is regarded as an ideal place for wildlife tour in Nepal. Sprawling over an area of 934 sq km Chitwan is acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chitwan Park is the dwelling place to a rich and extensive variety of Himalayan flora and fauna and is considered to be most protected and safe shelter for exotic animals like one-horned rhinoceros. Chitwan has 544 species of birds and demands complete 2 days to visit the park. A number of high-end resorts are located right at the edge of the park for luxury travelers who are interested in wildlife tours. These hotels and resorts not only pamper their guests with state-of-art services but also arrange amazing wildlife safaris and sightseeing tours for them.  For the backpackers, Sauraha is the best place to find accommodation. This small village has plenty of budget-friendly hotels that are suitable for anyone on shoestring budget dying to explore Chitwan National Park.

6.Lumbini- The birthplace of Gautama Buddha-

Lumbini Offbeat travel places Nepal

Lumbini is not just a place for the spirituals and pilgrims. Whether you’re a theist or atheist, Lumbini will move your soul in a very unusual way. It is historically famous Nepal sightseeing destination as Buddha was believed t be born in this place. Lumbini is s pilgrimage destination for Buddhists, but it is certain that it will impress even the atheist with its tranquil monasteries and calm aura. Lumbini can be explored in a day, but those who are willing to spend a day or two in order to explore its charm can discover more. The major attraction in Lumbini is Maya Devi Temple that is located amidst a massive park comprising of monasteries and lakes.

7. Bhaktapur- Get mesmerized by exquisite art and architectural heritage-

Bhaktapur Offbeat travel places in Nepal

Bhaktapur, the third of the royal cities is snuggled just outside of Kathmandu, on the old trade route to Tibet. Grand Hindu Temples and rich architecture are the pride of Bhaktapur though most of which suffered demolition due to the tragic earthquake of 2015. You can still find many religious structures and temples to mesmerize you with its brilliant and intricate architectural designs. If you wish to see the excellent architectural craftsmanship of the temples, consider a visit to Bhaktapur Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place not only offers temples hopping but also offers a great shopping destination. The region is notorious for fancy and attractive items such as souvenirs, pottery, handicrafts, masks offering plethora of choices while shopping in Nepal.

 8. Sagarmatha National Park- Meet Mount Everest even without climbing it-

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park is one of the main revenue generators for Nepal tourism.  As far as exhilarating Nepal sightseeing places are concerned, Sagarmatha National Park will take you as close as you can get to Mount Everest, even if you’re not attempting a climb. Sagarmatha Park is the best place to witness the majestic and the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest that stands tall at an elevation of 8,848 meters including other peaks, such as Amadablam, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Thamserku, Nuptse, and Pumori. Sagarmatha is an excellent alternative for trekking in Nepal and provides breathtaking views of Mount Everest and the Himalayan Ranges. It is also a habitat for unique flora and fauna, especially to the rare Snow Leopard species.

9. Nagarkot- If you want jaw-dropping vistas of Himalayan Range from Nepal-

Nagarkot Offbeat travel places in Nepal

Nagarkot is simply surreal and strategic. And if you want the best views if the Himalayan Range from Nepal, then Nagarkot is the place for you. This charming Hill station not only promises the unhindered views of the Mount Everest from the viewpoints but from the windows of the hotel rooms as well. Dwelled at a short duration from Bhaktapur and on the outskirts of the valley of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a stunning destination that allows you to relish every mood of the Himalayas. The place is notorious for its charming sunrise and sunsets. It is also one of the romantic honeymoon destinations in Nepal with dreamlike vistas and serene ambiance and plethora of activities to indulge in.

10. Pokhara- A quaint town facing a luminous Phewa Lake-

Pokhara Offbeat travel places in Nepal

When we think of Nepal, we think of Pokhara. It is a charming town dwelled facing the stunning Phewa Taal (lake). Pokhara is a perfect relaxation and leisure holiday destination in Nepal. Apart from the beautiful vistas, shopping, dining, and relaxation, it has a lot more to offer. Pokhara is well-known as the ‘Gateway to Annapurna Circuit,’ and this charming town renders incredible opportunity for paragliding like no other place can.  The region maintains its gracefulness and serenity to serve as one of the unmissable travel places in Nepal that you cannot get off your mind. The adrenaline junkies can indulge in the adventurous white water rafting that is possible in the water of Seti River that flanks Pokhara.  Trekkers and hikers can pack their bags for an adventurous and refreshing journey because Nepal is base for the Himalayan trekking tours. So, do not limit your to the Himalayan kingdom with just local sightseeing in Nepal, let your trip exceed beyond the limit of your itineraries.

11. Trekking in the Langtang Region- Incredible hiking hub with high passes-

Trekking in the Langtang Region

Abode to Langtang National Park, Langtang Region is an incredible place that is blessed with some high passes, making it suitable for hiking, and provides stunning vistas. Langtang Region mainly comprises of old dotting monasteries, beautiful mountain scenery with thriving rhododendron woodlands that bloom during the spring hiking season in Nepal. As compared to some of the other popular trekking regions in Nepal, it is sparsely crowded even if it is located closer to the capital city Kathmandu. There are quaint and peaceful villages with guesthouses and restaurants throughout the trail, slightly more settled out than in other trekking regions. Langtang Region is located at a distance of 7-8 hours by drive from Kathmandu and the journey is convenient.

12. Trekking in the Annapurna Region- The most coveted and popular, dream trekking destination in Nepal for adventure fanatics worldwide-

Trekking in the Annapurna Region

Offering trekking options for just a few days to few weeks, Annapurna Trekking is most popular treks in Nepal. Trekkers can opt for the variation on the 3 main routes which cut and combine at places. It takes about 21 days to complete Annapurna Circuit Trek which is immensely popular among the trekkers with lavish time. This route is sometimes termed as “Apple Pie Circuit” in regards to the fact that most of the teahouses along the trail serve their own version of fried apple pie. The Annapurna Sanctuary snuggles amid the peaks of Annapurna and takes 5 days to reach. Muktinath is on the way to Annapurna and on the north of Muktinath dwells Mustang, a small region that is uncluttered and preserves its own intriguing culture. Annapurna Region in the north of Pokhara is an ideal trekking destination in Nepal.

So, why think more? Pack your bags and venture on your quest to relish your Nepal sightseeing dream and live the adventure, savor cuisines, shop till you drop, and get spiritually awakened.

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