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Are you planning an incredible adventure trip to Bhutan? If the amazing landscape and culture fascinate you, then why wait any longer? Pack your bags and say hello to last existing Buddhist kingdom and Shangri La that stands apart from the rest of the world.

Every bit of the country is extraordinary and unique; after all, it's a country that chose Happiness over Gross Domestic Product. Bhutan is a haven for pilgrims, honeymooners, nature lovers, adventure seekers, etc. So, experience the incredible kingdom of happiness with Bhutan trekking tour packages at unbeatable prices with Enroute Trip.

Best time to trek in bhutan

  • Trekking in Bhutan during spring: Spring has the most comfortable weather in Bhutan and that is why tourists come to indulge in trekking expeditions in spring and autumn. September to November is considered to be the ideal time for trekking in the higher altitudes in Bhutan.
  • Trekking in Bhutan during winter: Most of the treks in Bhutan are in higher altitudes, hence winter is not the best time for experiencing amazing trekking. Still, the lower altitude treks such as Gangtey Winter Trek, Samtengang Winter Trek, Punakha Winter Trek etc can be a good option during winter.
  • March to May and September to November is considered to be the ideal time for trekking in Bhutan and most of the treks are organized during the summer and winter season. Chele La Nature Trek, Druk path Trek, Jhomolhari Trek, and Laya Gasa Trek are some the trekking spots that are most enjoyed in the summer season.

Below is the list of top trekking spots in Bhutan:

Jhomolhari TrekJhomolhari Trek- Jhomolhari Trek which is an 8-day trek, is one of one of the most popular treks in Bhutan which passes through Bhonte La Pass and Takhung La Pass giving you an adrenaline rush and checking your endurance.

Druk Path TrekDruk Path Trek- It is a 6-day trek that starts near Paro taking you to the mountains of Thimphu. Enjoy trekking through the alpine forests and several alpine lakes.

Snowman Trek- Snowman Trek is one of the most popular as well as most difficult treks in the world which takes approximately 25 days starting from Paro and ending in Lunana.

Tips to know before you start trekking

  • Try using poles
  • Walk regularly
  • Bring comfortable trekking boots
  • Bring lighter backpack
  • Choose the best season
  • East and sleep enough
  • Drink lots of water

FAQ on Bhutan Trek and Tour

Q-What is the proper mode of transport from Siliguri to Bhutan?

A-We offer car rental service from Siliguri to Bhutan at affordable rates and it is the best way to travel to Bhutan.

Q-How is the weather during summer in Bhutan?

A-The weather is generally hot and sultry during summer, however some higher attitude places have pleasant weather is summer too.

Q-Is passport necessary for an Indian to visit Bhutan?

A-Yes, a passport with a validity of at least six months is mandatory for traveling to Bhutan. No visa is required.

Q-Is drinking of alcohol and smoking allowed in Bhutan?

A-Drinking is allowed and alcohol is quite cheap in the country but smoking is strictly prohibited in the whole country. If one is caught smoking, the concerned authorities will never fail to charge 200% of the price.

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