Bali Tourist Attractions and Activities

Your trip to Bali Island allows you to be involved in Bali tour activities that give you a brief idea about their culture, nature, art and spirituality. Enjoy your dream holiday destination in Bali at the beautiful beaches of Kuta, Nusa Dua and Seminyak where you can view the beautiful sunset. Make sure that you do visit the cultural area of Ubud famous for picturesque rice terraces. Get away from the crowds and the overpopulated areas towards the north-eastern coast of Lombok, which waits for you to be explored.

Bali's west coast is an interesting area to explore with mountains ranges covered in lush forests, rice fields and vegetation. Besides Bali’s activities list the attractions also comprise of historical sites and buildings that have been here for a really long time. You will find here everything from royal palaces to temples, museums and art galleries, each of which offers a glimpse of the rich heritage of Bali. Start exploring Bali and the vast list of attractions it offers.

Bali Activities and Attraction For Couples

Bali has also been popular as a honeymoon destination that provides some unique Bali activities for couples that is sure to make your honeymoon, a ride to remember. Bali activities and sightseeing are also other aspects of Bali that is sure to amaze anyone. Bali island activities along with some terrific land adventures sum up to make one of the most popular vacation destinations of the world. Let us discuss a few of these attractions for couples in brief:

Bali Spa Tour – Replenish your soul and refresh your mind with a professional spa treatment,Bali Spa Tour serene swimming pools, meditation room facilities, sauna facilities, Jacuzzi and few other Spa Tour facilities in Bali which is sure to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Bali Cycling – Have a cycling tour of Bali beyond the Bali Cyclingregular sightseeing areas. Enjoy a Cycle experience across the remote areas of Bali which exhibit rich Bali culture and heritage. The ride is sure to give you a terrific experience of how the people of Bali live along the cultural heritage of their cultures.

Bali Rolling Donut - It's an interesting sport which allows you to move across the waters on an inflatable donut-shaped boat, pulled by another speedboat which makes it an insane ride. Bali Rolling Donut

Where in Bali- Tanjung Benoa Beach

Cost: INR 522/person

Best Season: April and September

Beaches visit

Let us see some of the beaches and their distance from Kuta, one of the earliest popular hubs in Bali.

  • Kuta – 10 minutes north of the airport.
  • Legian – 5 minutes north of Kuta.
  • Seminyak – 10 minutes north of Kuta.
  • Canggu – 30 minutes north of Kuta.
  • Tuban – 5 minutes south of Kuta.
  • Jimbaran – 15 minutes south of Kuta.
  • Nusa Dua – 30 minutes southeast of Kuta.
  • Balangan – 30 minutes south of Kuta.

Don’t Miss Out these to Dos when Travelling as Honeymoon Couples in Bali

  • May to July is considered the best time to visit Bali.
  • Bali is hot year-round with an average temperature of 32 degrees.
  • Pack cotton fabrics, light cool clothes and open-toe shoes for a better experience.
  • Both men and women need to cover their legs below the knee with a sarong, while the sash should be worn around the waist.
  • The items cost the same that they do cost back home, so while shopping in Bali compare and also look for sales.
  • Bali is very particular about their cultures and rituals, so be aware of what you must wear while visiting a sacred heritage there.

Bali is clearly one of the best Island Destinations which can be visited by Honeymoon couples. The beautiful Island of the Indonesian archipelago is a culturally rich destination which consists of various temples and other heritage places within it. The number of activities that can be done by couples in Bali also makes the whole Honeymoon for couples, an experience that lasts forever.

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